Baby Loves Daddy HD

Imagine having a baby daughter as SEXY as 19 YEAR OLD Yasmine! She’s EXTREMELY EXCITED cuz DADDY just bought her a new car for Graduation!

You can tell she’s excited by the way she RUBS DAD’s HARD-ON thought his briefs, and even BITES IT PLAYFULLY! However, she’s not playing around, and she proves it by yanking them down and GRABBING his GONADS!

She begins the DADDY HAND JOB by removing her SEXY BLACK BRA and RUBBING Dad’s KNOB END on her PLUMP YOUNG BREASTS. Not forgetting to LICK and SPIT on DAD’s DONG, she PUMPS AWAY on it like she’s MILKING a goat!

Eventually she tells him, “Daddy, come on my tits” at which point she gets BLASTED by SALTY BALL SPEW as JIZZ AFTER JIZZ shoots out of DAD’s ACHING ROD and COVERS the COCKSUCKING COED in a HELLACIOUS CUM BATH


Baby Loves Daddy

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