Tiffany Fucks Daddy HD

Tiffany Casey Smith stops by her dads house on the way home from school like she does most days. Since her mom and dad got divorced, she has been spending more time with him. Today, she had a plan. She was going to turn her daddy on. The conversation started normal, but Casey did all the things a girl could do to be sexy and is was not too long before daddy was rubbing her pussy. Casey rewarded him by sucking his big cock for a while. Then daddy picked her up and vertical 69’d her. He was eating her pussy while she slurped and sucked his cock. Back on the couch, he ate her out some more and then they started fucking. There were several positions–on the couch, standing up, bent over, and eventually on the bed where he finally creamed all over his daughters perfect tits.

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Tiffany Fucks Daddy HD

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