Sister’s Deception HD

Catherine left her mother’s house to go live with her father after the divorce. Shawn stayed with his mother Rachel. Catherine had lots of problems; alcohol, drugs, and sex. Her father finally told her to get out. Rachel had no idea and thought Catherine had her own place and was responsible after years of destruction. Catherine called her mother and asked to come home. Rachel being a good mom wanted her daughter back. Shawn was not happy; he was an honor roll student and remembered the trouble Catherine caused in the past. Rachel assured Shawn Catherine had changed for the better. Catherine was a con artist; she was good at convincing anyone into believing whatever she wanted them to. Catherine arrived dressed to impress. Rachel sat her down with Shawn and went over the house rules. Catherine smiled and agreed with everything mother had to say. Rachel felt confident all would be well and the family would be whole again. Rachel left to the market; Catherine whipped a cell phone out of her bra and began texting old boyfriends, and pulling up porn. Shawn was terribly embarrassed. Catherine opened her legs to show him her bare pussy. Shawn turned red. He put a pillow on his lap to cover his hard on popping up. Catherine verbally humiliated and teased him. Shawn finally left the room with the pillow in front of him. Catherine snuck a porn magazine in his room under his blanket. That evening Shawn retired, he found the magazine and began to touch himself picturing his sisters pussy spread open for him. He was disturbed by his thoughts of in sest. The next day Rachel had a talk with him, he tried to tell his mother that he did not trust Catherine but Rachel was convinced she was a good girl now. Catherine came out from her shower wrapped in a towel, Shawn was playing pool. Catherine let her towel drop, Shawn quickly turned his head away. Catherine did not pick up the towel; she had plans for her little brother. Catherine slammed him down and unzipped his pants. She began to lick his cock. Shawn protested thinking about how terribly wrong it was but why was he hard? Shawn moaned as she sucked on him. Rachel called out for dinner; they both ran out of the room. As the days went on Catherine continued to taunt and tease her brother every chance she got, Rachel still believed she was a good girl and following the rules. Shawn felt it had gone too far and could not face his mother. Catherine wanted her brother bad now. She loved the power that she had over him. She went to his room while Rachel was sleeping. She had control over him as he was too shy to defend himself against his sister’s sinful ways. She jerked down his pajamas and starting sucking his cock again. He knew it was wrong but it felt so good. She looked right into his eyes and she forced his cock all the way down her throat. She continued to suck him until he was rock hard. She climbed up on him. Her pussy was ready to be fucked, and she wanted it to be from his cock. She sat down on his cock with her legs spread wide so he could see the his cock was going in and out of his sister’s shaved pussy. Catherine had not been fucked for awhile. This buttoned up lifestyle that her mother was forcing on her was cramping her style. She was used to fucking every night. She rode his cock until she had an orgasm. She got on her hands and knees and told him to fuck her from behind. She climbed back on him the other way so he could watch her ass bounce up and down. She had another orgasm. She seduced him that night, sucking, fucking, until he exploded into her wide open mouth. She was surprised at the big load he shot. Catherine now controlled the house hold, with her brother as her sex toy; her mother would not be informed of her actions.

Sister’s Deception

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